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The games section of Blaze Casino offers a wide range of entertainment. From modern slots to original games and a variety of gaming experiences.

Whether you're looking for your favorite games or want to try something new, the betting shop is here to help you. Also, don't forget to check out our dedicated games selection for specially selected games, and if you're looking for an even more immersive experience, be sure to check out Blaze Casino's Live section.

And for Neymar fans, there's a separate category dedicated to his favorite games. Ready to have some fun? Get in on the action and start exploring all that Blaze has to offer!

Game Collection at Blaze Casino

Blaze casino is constantly innovating and offers its players both popular games from dozens of leading studios and its own "original" slots and crash games.

The casino offers the opportunity to sign up to receive notifications of new additions. This way, players can be among the first to dive into the exciting gameplay. All you need to do is to register and wait and subscribe.

Author's casino games from Blaze

Author's casino games from Blaze

  • Crash Blaze: This is a betting game where you need to cash out before the graph stops. The higher the multiplier, the greater the potential profit. Withdraw money at the right time to win the bet amount multiplied by the multiplier.
  • Double Blaze: An exciting game where you need to choose one of three colors and get a chance to win multipliers up to 2 or even 14 times your bet amount. The right choice can lead to big winnings, but be careful not to choose the wrong color!
  • Slide: Test your luck by choosing a multiplier from 1.01 to infinity. Place bets based on the chosen multiplier and see if the result matches or exceeds your prediction. If you succeed, your bet will be multiplied, but if the result is lower than your guess, you lose the bet.
  • Mines Blaze: This engaging game allows you to reveal gems to increase the payout multiplier. At any moment, you can decide to cash out and secure your winnings based on the last recorded multiplier. However, be cautious of the bombs, as uncovering one will end the game and lose your bet.
  • Dice Blaze: Test your prediction skills in this dice game. Choose a number and bet on whether the outcome of the round will be higher or lower. The larger the green field, the higher your chances of winning. Apply your strategies to increase your chances of success.
  • Plinko: Participate in the Plinko game, where a ball falls through a vertical frame filled with offset pins. Place your bet and see where the ball lands.
  • Limbo: Challenge yourself in the Limbo game, where you need to predict the multiplier. If the result is lower than the set multiplier, you win!
  • Tower: Climb the tower and avoid the skull in this thrilling game. Choose your steps wisely, collect gems, and avoid the skull at all costs. If you reach the top, you can win based on the multiplier you locked in.
  • Coin Flip: Bet on the color of the coin and the number of coins you want to flip. Try to get the minimum number of coins on the chosen side to win.

These are all proprietary games that players can enjoy on Blaze. The team constantly works to offer players new and exciting opportunities, so we recommend keeping an eye on updates and getting the most enjoyment out of your gaming journey with Blaze!

Neymar's favorite games

Neymar is not only one of the main partners of Blaze, but he is also a big fan of gambling and he has his own favorite preferences when it comes to live casino games.

In this category you can find games such as: Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming, an exciting version of traditional roulette but with an added surprise that occurs when a random lightning bolt hits five numbers on the table, multiplying the payout by a multiplier of up to 500x. Live roulette is also one of Neymar's favorite options, providing an authentic and interactive experience. He also loves to compete in Evolution Gaming's Blaze VIP Blackjack, where he can play at an exclusive table with higher limits.

And of course, as a proud Brazilian, Neymar can't help but be drawn to Playtech's Brazilian Roulette, immersing himself in a game with the special flavor of his native country.

Play and win money with your idol's favorite products!

General history of betting at Blaze Casino

Thanks to Blaze Casino's betting history, players have the ability to track the results of recent bets on games in real time. This means you can find out which games have been played, the time of the bet, the amount bet, the multiplier and even the amount won by lucky users.

It's a fun way to keep up to date with the latest exciting wins and cheer on the community players. Don't miss out on the opportunity to keep up to date with everything happening at Blaze Casino with this innovative platform option.

Slots section at Blaze Casino

The slots section on the Blaze betting platform is a real hit among players. Slot games are gaining popularity due to their fast gameplay and instant win opportunities.

Among the most popular slots in Brazil is Fortune Tiger Blaze. In this game, you can uncover the secrets of treasure in an exciting mode. With its 3x3 layout, it has become a real hit among fans and is known as the lucky tiger game. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 98.81%, medium volatility and minimum bets ranging from 0.40 to 500.00, you can immerse yourself in a universe where the power and luck of the tiger is on your side.

Another option is Gates of Olympus, a slot that transports players to a mystical world. In addition to symbol sequences, you can accumulate multipliers and free spins as you discover what the gods have in store for you. Scatter symbols are very important in this game, as they can trigger free spins and bring even more excitement to your game.

Sweet Bonanza is a slot game with 10 symbols. The SCATTER symbol, represented by a giant lollipop, is the most important one, as it can affect several positions and give great chances to win. In addition to symbol combinations, there are rewards in the form of bonuses. The bets vary depending on the number of coins selected, providing greater rewards at higher bets and increasing the chances of winning free spins. When at least 4 lollipop scatter symbols appear, the player receives 10 free spins and can enjoy multipliers of up to 80 times the bet.

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